Find the Right Equipment for Your Unique Needs

Find the Right Equipment for Your Unique Needs

Explore Ferris products that we offer in Bismarck, ND

If you're exploring a variety of outdoor power equipment and you're not sure what type or brand is the best for your property, the experts at Performance Equipment in Bismarck, ND is here to help. We understand how challenging it can be to find the right tools to increase performance and ease the process of maintaining your lawn. That's why we've done our research and found the best brands and equipment to make the process a bit easier.

We are an authorized dealer for the leading manufacturers in the industry, including Ferris. We offer a variety of lawn equipment for you to choose from, including:

Zero-Turn Mower: With a 52" & 61" cutting width along with patented suspension technology, Ferris Equipment is is the premier choice for home and business owners who have a lot of land and are focused on comfort and productivity.

Walk Behind Mower: For those who enjoy more traditional lawn mowers, Ferris' Walk Behind Mower allows user the control of pushing and combines that with a self-propeller. Ferris' Walk Behind Mower is designed for quick operator re-entry and exit, along with excellent maneuverability for large and tight spaces.

Front Mount Mowers: These models are perfect for property owners interested in reducing trim time under low-hanging branches, shrubs and fencing.

Let the pros at Performance Equipment in Bismarck, ND find the right Ferris model lawn mower to meet your unique needs. Call 701-426-2733 for more information today!