Find the Right Add-Ons for Your Equipment

Tackle every chore when you purchase attachments from us

Sometimes having the right high performance equipment isn’t enough. There are other products and resources available that you can attach to your equipment that will continue to increase ease and productivity while you’re mowing your property. Performance Equipment is proud to partner with brands like Simplicity and Ferris to bring the latest in performance equipment and attachments. Learn more about the extras offered from each brand below.

Simplicity attachments

Tackle a variety of lawn maintenance chores simply when you consider the following attachments from one of the most popular lawn performance equipment brands:

Grass catchers
Mulcher kits
Dump carts
Front-end loaders
Tire chains
Rotary brooms
Arm Rests
Headlight kits
Cargo beds
Hour meter kits

Snow blowers
Snow cabs
Dozer blades
Box scapers
Rear grading blades
Post hole diggers
Flail mowers
Disk harrows
Tow-behind rotary mowers

Ferris attachments

Whether you have a small or large outdoor space, productivity is key. Choose from a variety of attachments and accessories to take advantage of optimal performance.

Grass collection systems
Mulch kits
Flat-free caster tires
Professional striping kits
Weight kits